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Maeve Port donates

We, the founders of Maeve Port, have decided to donate a fixed portion of our profit to support non profit organizations. ,,We believe in the movement of Corporate Philanthropy,’’ says founder Anton Slotboom. ,,Straight from the beginning, our goal always was to do good, and to mean something for more people than for the vast amount of people at the companies we work with.”

Founder Danish Nadeem: ,,This is why we have joined the movement of ‘Pledge 1 %’. This is a large influential group of international companies who attribute one percent of their time, product or profit.”

It didn’t take long for the founders to decide. Maeve Port donates one percent of their profit via this way.

,,This community of companies has 10.000 members in over 100 countries,” explains Nadeem. ,,The huge sum of money raised by all these companies since 2014 has been beneficial for all kinds of good causes. It’s impressive. We’re proud to be a part of this.”

Knowing that Maeve Port contributes to a better world is important for both Slotboom and Nadeem. ,,We are simply not in business just for the sake of business,” says Nadeem. “Not at all. It’s actually one of the first sentences we spoke out when we were opening up this company. I remember this vividly. We were drinking coffee in one of the many restaurants in the port of Rotterdam one day and said to eachother: the more business we do; the more we have the chance to help people who need help.” Slotboom: “By joining this community, we know that we make a difference. It’s the best feeling in the world.“

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